Gillingstool Arts Week

Children from every class took part in a very successful Arts Week.  Each class chose a famous artist to inspire their own 3D work and sculpture designs.  An Artist came to work with the children and they turned large water drums into  a huge rabbit, a squirrel and two owls.  These will be placed in the playground once varnished.   Many sculptures were made using recycled items and natural things and the children learned that you can make excellent art work without purchasing new items.  All the tree hangings and the bug hotel were made in this way.

Gillingstool says Thank-You

Hudson and Tom present a card with contributions from every child to Clare Fardell thanking her for her eight years as a school Governor as well as several decades of support as both a parent and local councillor.


Jobs Jamboree

On Friday we had our first Jobs Jamboree and it was great. Nine parents shared their jobs with the children. The children got to learn about being an audio typist, a security guard, a dog groomer, a film maker, a podiatrist, a farm contractor, a stud yard owner, an asset manager and an aeronautical engineer. The afternoon was spent completing learning activities linked to the skills the parents use on a daily basis. Gillingstool would like to thank the parents for all their hard work.


Year 6 pupils visited Lifeskills Centre and have fun learning to stay safe.

Year 6 pupils visited Lifeskills and have fun learning to stay safe.

Lifeskills Safety Education Centre to welcomed our year 6 pupils recently.  Their volunteer Guides enjoyed taking them round their interactive village, teaching them how to spot hazards and stay safe.

During their visit the children practised making emergency 999 calls, discovered and reacted to a house fire, learnt basic first aid and experienced the consequences of trespassing on a railway line – all made realistic with the use of light, sound and wind effects.

A very useful and practical morning.


Visit to Bath Forum

Pupils from classes 3, 4 and 5 visited Bath Forum to listen to a performance by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

The children really enjoyed the music and the opportunity to see such talented musicians and close quarters.