Everyone at Gillingstool knows why our school is fantastic. But don’t take our word for it – read what our parents and children think!

Parent Testimonials

“When I first saw this school I knew it was right for my daughter. It was a new building and had all the right facilities for her. It has lovely play areas and it’s always clean, tidy and peaceful. All the teaching staff and management are lovely and approachable too. My daughter has achieved so much in her learning and has grown much more confident. She wouldn’t be where she is now without all the help and support that she has received and we are so very grateful. We love this school.”

Parent of Year 6 child

“We like Gillingstool because we find the teachers make it fun and interesting for children to learn. Our daughters are inspired by what goes on in school and what they have done there extends to when they come home. We also love the fact that the school teaches our children to be comfortable in water and how to swim. Both of them love being in the pool, have made great progress and we are very proud of it! We think that the projects the school does (the Dragon for Book Fortnight, and the rafts for Science Day) where the whole school get involved, are amazing. It’s also great how you have extended the Dragon theme to Brave Learning. Furthermore we feel that our daughter’s teachers are very approachable and we can talk to them about anything that concerns us, or ask any questions. We really appreciate the effort you put into engaging and educating our daughters!”

Parent of Year 5 and 3 children

“When I first visited Gillingstool I adored the fact that the Headmaster knew all the names of the individual children and could address and start up conversations in passing. When my daughter started, at first I found it strange that ALL the staff from throughout the school knew my daughter’s name and would say hello to her, but then I realised that it was exactly what Gillingstool was about; being a valued individual and being part of the Gillingstool school ‘family’. Anyone who has experience of meeting a child from Gillingstool always says how impressed they are by their kindness and helpfulness and it’s so true – my daughter has a super set of friends and classmates and I genuinely believe she wouldn’t be as happy if she had gone to any other school. Gillingstool really does have it all and meets all the needs of my daughter, even the ones that can’t be inspected or measured.”

Parent of Year 2 child

“As parents we are impressed by the teaching methods and reward schemes of the school. We appreciate all the special learning activities that take place throughout the year such as book fortnight, special assemblies and the school trips. My child feels so excited about learning thanks to the school.”

Parent of Year 5 child

“The facilities at Gillingstool, including their own swimming pool and forest school, are outstanding. The nurturing culture was obvious when looking around the school. Childhood is valued and respected in balance with structured education and there is a feeling of partnership between children and the staff creating a ‘team Gillingstool’ feel.”

Parent of Year 4 child

“Gillingstool has a fantastic site with a broad range of activities available. Our children love the weekly forest school provision and it’s great to have the swimming pool on site as well. As a parent I’d hoped that the facilities shared with New Siblands Special School would normalise ‘difference’ which has definitely been the case for our kids who’ve made friends across both schools and various year groups!”

Parent of Year 2 and Year 1 children

“Gillingstool has such a caring and positive environment for my boys to be in. The ethos and messages my boys get from the school are encouraging and help build resilience. The boys are always challenged in their learning but they do not feel pressured or that they ‘can’t do’ things. It is a very inclusive school and my boys love being there. They love forest skills and the many other activities such as science days and maths week. My 8 year old who ‘hates reading’ always enjoys book fortnight and comes way rewarded. You are brilliant – thank you for all that you do!”

Parent of Year 4 and Year 1 children

“Things I think are great about Gillingstool are the helpfulness and level of support that the children receive. The school’s environment and facilities are very safe and secure also. It is also a plus that the children are able to mix with special needs children from New Siblands who share the site and the building is up-to-date.”

Parent of Year 5 child

Children Testimonials

“I love Gillingstool because we do super learning. School is the best ever thing i have ever had in my top amazing life!”

Class 1 child

“Gillingstool is great because the pupils are really kind to each other. The staff help out if you are stuck. If you have a problem just ask the teachers or the teaching assistants and they will sort things out. I love it when we have special events like maths week and school trips because they are so much fun.”

Class 5 child

“I love Gillingstool because it’s the only school I’ve been where everyone is polite and kind. The teachers tell us jokes and tell us interesting information that is good for giving us a fun and amazing education. Finally, it’s full of artefacts and books.”

Class 6 child

“Gillingstool is a good school because the dinners are delicious, the playtimes have skipping ropes, I love the work i’m given and because we are trying our best to be brave learners.”

Class 4 child

“Gillingstool is good because we have brave learning.”

Class 3 child

“I Like Gillingstool because we learn so much!”

Class 3 child

“Gillingstool is good because the teachers are the best!”

Class 1 child

“Gillingstool has yummy food and lovely and kind teachers that help us to learn.”

Class 2 child

“Gillingstool is good because I love my class. I love skipping and working and writing and playing!”

Class 2 child

“Gillingstool is a great school not just because of all the children, but because of the staff, headteacher, deputy headteacher and the cooks. We also love to do challenges!”

Class 5 child