Folk Duo Visit

The whole school was treated to a visit by Louis Bingham and Griselda Sanderson who were visiting the area as part of the Rockhampton Folk Festival.  They performed a 45 minutes session which was thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils.

The Little Angel

Pupils from the Reception class took part in a play called ‘The Little Angel’.  They all did really well and made their teacher and parents very proud.

Thanks to all staff involved.

Digital Camera

Year 5 Egyptian Museum

The children in Year 5 have transformed the class group room into a showcase of this term’s work on Ancient Egypt.  This stunning presentation is an amazing collection of artwork, design technology, historical research and writing. If you visit the museum our Year 5 children are very knowledgeable tour guides.

Midwife Crisis

In the Class 1 & 2 nativity play, a very busy midwife who never misses an important birth is extremely excited when she hears that a king is about to be born in Bethlehem. She rushes out into the night in search of a shiny golden palace fit for a king. Her donkey Steve doesn’t think he’s ever heard of Bethlehem Palace, but the midwife is in no mood to listen – where else would a king be born?  With the help of some gospel-singing angels and a very bright star, the midwife is led to a humble stable to find the very special baby already waiting for her.

Well done to all the children in Class 1 & 2 and thank you to all the staff for their hard work.

Mental Health AwarenessDay

This year we took part in Mental Health Awareness Day. To raise awareness of mental health issues everybody  came to school wearing something yellow and made a £1 donation to Young Minds the children’s mental health charity.

Children will be took part in Mental Health workshops and invited parents to come and share their learning at the end of the afternoon.


Autumn Assembly

A U T U M N – H A R V E S T   A S S E M B L Y

Our Autumn Assembly took place this week and parents were invited to come and join the children  singing autumn songs and watch  an autumn themed performance.

We also collected tinned, dried or packet foods, toiletries and  even loos rolls, nappies and  washing up liquid for the Thornbury Food Bank.


Hot Chocolate with the Head

Every Friday afternoon children who go ‘over and above’ every day that week are chosen to have a chat and share a cup of hot chocolate in the Head’s office. It’s a lovely end to the week and a great way for Mrs Carter to get to know everybody.